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Purchasing, selling and managing investment properties is incredibly exciting and also a little nerve-racking. This is completely understandable, given that real estate investments are often the largest purchase most people will ever make.

If you want to increase your confidence, self-education through property investment, The Real Estate Niches Podcast is a great place to start. It’s also a great way to get connected with a vast and resourceful community of like-minded individuals with similar goals.

Hosted by Joseph Scorese, a Business Development Manager with LendingOne and Yardell Perkins, Founder and Head Developer of Perkitech, this podcast will be interviewing real estate social media influencers are, “the source” to learn real estate.

Dec 24, 2020

Guest - Donald Hamme | Representative, Stryde

Donald walks through two program platforms that assist real estate professionals and entrepreneurs with identifying tax credits in their properties and businesses.

Phone: 215 - 859 - 2066

Recording Date: Wednesday, December 23rd 2020 (S2E28)